TTMP Planner Workshop


TTMP Planner is a 2-day workshop. TTMP Planner focusses on planning the TTM for a worksite, with an emphasis on complex situations.

Note: Complex means a major change to road user conditions, the sort that comes with large projects or where large traffic flows need to be managed.


The workshop has been designed with the following roles in mind:

  • STMS involved in developing TTM documents for complex sites
  • Project planners
  • TMCs and other TMP approvers

What it covers

The workshop covers the following steps:

  • Identifying matters to be addressed
  • Planning the closure(s)
  • Planning for other considerations
  • Planning for the road users
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Developing the Full TMP
  • Submitting the Full TMP for approval
  • Reviewing approval documentation (eg TMP, consent to work, other authorisations)
  • Pre-implementation of the Full TMP
  • Implementing the Full TMP
  • Completing a TTM review.


During the workshop drawing standards for a TMD will be outlined, including an introduction to different drawing options (eg Invarion, CAD, and MSOffice).

Follow-up training sessions can be arranged with practitioners for each of the site drawing options. A list of these practitioners will be made available during the workshop.

Register your interest to enrol in our TTMP Planner workshop soon in 2020 (July – August ). Select the location that’s suitable for you. We will then contact you very soon to confirm dates and help you to finalise your registration:


Eligibility for attendance

To be eligible, attendee’s must:

  • Hold a current STMS warrant
  • Be competent with word processing to an intermediate level (add/amend tables, format text etc.)
  • Be able to navigate CoPTTM to find the required information
  • Be able to clearly express an idea in writing (completion of a detailed Full TMP form).