Webinar Traffic Controller Refresher (TC R)

Webinar TC Refresher involves two sessions where you learn on-line.

You select either two morning sessions (8.00am – 12.00pm) OR two afternoon sessions (1.00pm-5.00pm). The on-line approach to TC Refresher is approved by NZTA.

This training is on-line learning for holders of a previous TC (Traffic Controller) certificate. Or you’re wanting to refresh your current TC warrant.

When participating in Webinar TC your stay at home using your PC, tablet, iPad or laptop. The webinar enables you to join with other participants on-line via the internet.  Our facilitator will be be leading the training via this webinar. You will be able to see and hear the facilitator, see the whiteboard and access materials by on-line resources.

Ideally you have both a camera and a microphone on your device. The video and audio capability enable you to see the other participants at their residences at the devices. The audio enables you to ask questions, and to listen in. Questions can also be typed by simply using the “Chat” tool as an option.

The system is a high quality e-Learning platform.

Our TTM trainers are expert. You can be assured of completing this training with high quality support. On successful completion of the webinar, you will receive your TC ID card issued to you by NZTA.

Register here for TC Refesher Webinar on-line.