TTM Mentor

Course overview

This one-day workshop is the first learning block developed by the NZ Transport Agency as part of their Training and Competency Model.

– Qualify to teach others to carry out TTM duties

This training is for the person who mentors/trains people on practical aspects of the TTM role.

You will learn how to teach and mentor people who perform Traffic Management duties on roads or in close proximity to the road.

The training is designed to develop skills on how to facilitate learning, assess and verify that the trainee has met the standard for the activity and to give feedback in a positive training approach.

TTM Mentor training gives participants the knowledge and skills to become a TTM mentor:

  • Provide knowledge of the NZTA requirements of mentors, their responsibilities and the mentor process
  • Gives knowledge of adult learning principles and how to apply them to enhance the learning experience for their participants
  • Develops skills to be able to correctly determine if a candidate has completed work to the required standard, and if not, direct the appropriate action.

How does this training help you to develop in your role as TTM Mentor?

Participants will:

  • Carry out knowledge tests throughout the training
  • Learn how to undertake mentoring
  • Gain on-job training hints, tips and techniques
  • Practice mentoring with constructive feedback from the trainer.
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TTM Mentor scheduled courses


Date City Venue Details
Oct 6, 2020 TTM Mentor in Porirua The Porirua Club 8:30am at 1 Lodge Place
Oct 15, 2020 TTM Mentor in Napier The Duke of Gloucestor 8:30am at 389 Gloucestor Street, Taradale Venue phone: 06 8454502.
Nov 30, 2020 TTM Mentor in Porirua The Porirua Club 8:30am at 1 Lodge Place