Practising Assessment – TMO

Traffic Management Operative

Assessment tasks

There are a range of tasks included in the practising TMO assessment. Some of these are verified by a TTM Mentor and others are observed by the TTM Assessor.

Verified by TTM Mentor

  • Maintain a closure involving footpath control
  • Maintain a closure: either lane merge; lane shift; cycle lane; or priority control with TSL
  • Setup, maintain and remove TTM at a static worksite for a roadside activity in category A road environment (TMD F2.5)

Observed by TTM Assessor

  • Maintain a closure: controlling alternating flow
  • Setting up, maintain and remove TTM at a static worksite provided all TTM equipment is clear of the live lane in category A or B road environment (TMD F2.7)
  • Undertake an inspection on a Cat A and/or B road

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Scheduled Practising Assessments – TMO (Traffic Management Operative) 

Date City Venue Details
Jul 1, 2021 Practising Assessment – TMO (Traffic Management Operative) in Wellington Tawa RSA 8:30am at 89 Oxford Street Tawa