STMS Cat A, B & C Refresher

Existing STMS warrants will continue to their expiry date. Before then, the STMS will attend an STMS Refresher Cat A, B and C workshop. This is a 1-day workshop that provides an update on recent CoPTTM changes and a briefing on the skills and process for the practising assessment.

This year, this refresher workshop can be delivered by any TTM Trainer warranted to complete STMS training. If the STMS successfully completes the STMS Refresher workshop they will be awarded non-practising warrants based on their existing level of warrant:

  • Level 1 STMS will be awarded STMS Cat A and B non-practising warrants
  • Level 2/3 STMS will be awarded Cat A, B and C non-practising warrants.

To gain the practising warrant the STMS must complete the practical assessment for each of the categories of road environment (Cat A, B, C) they will be an STMS on.

Unit Standards and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

From July 2021 onwards, a practising STMS can also complete the optional STMS non-practising and the STMS practising unit standards. Once the STMS has completed these two unit standards, RPL will be applied to all of the prior unit standards which will allow them to apply the NZ Certificate of Temporary Traffic Management (Worksites).


  • STMS of any level current or expired no more than 12 months or;
  • STMS of the relevant category either current or expired no more than 12 months.

Who it is for:

Any person wishing to refresh an STMS warrant

What’s included in the fee for the workshop 

The following is included in the workshop fee:

  • Waka Kotahi STMS-NP registration fee
  • Morning tea, Lunch and Afternoon tea
  • Workshop resources.

This course is presented by Training Aspirations’ professional facilitators. Our participants find their delivery is very clear, understandable and helpful. Some recent feedback received from our participants includes:

“All the information was good and relevant.”    “The teacher was very helpful.”  “Able to use CoPTTM .” “The tutor was awesome”

STMS Cat A, B & C Refresher scheduled workshops

No courses scheduled at the moment.