STMS Category A non-practising

This provides the base knowledge for working on category A road environments. Topics include:

  • Common risks on Category A road environments
  • Calculate layout distances for category A road environments
  • Set up, maintain and remove TTM for static operations for category A road environments (shoulder closures, two-way two-lane closures and multi-lane closures)
  • Pedestrians and cyclists
  • Complete mobile operations
  • Set up, maintain, and remove TTM for semi-static operations and closures.


This is a Waka Kotahi TTM warranted role: STMS(A)-NP

There is an optional Unit standard for the STMS Cat A warrant – US 31962: Explain the requirements for the worksite under temporary traffic management for a road environment as defined in CoPTTM. Once the unit standard has been awarded for a category of road, the STMS is not required to attain this unit standard again for other categories of road environment.


  • STMS universal or;
  • STMS of any level expired for more than 12 months (if expired for less than 12 months, complete the STMS Refresher workshop) or;
  • STMS of the relevant category expired for more than 12 months (if expired for less than 12 months, complete the STMS Refresher workshop).

Who it is for:

Any person wishing to work on category A roads as an onsite STMS, or

Any person wishing to work on category A roads while fulfilling one of the following roles:

  • Traffic Operations Manager
  • TTM Mentor
  • TTM Assessor
  • TTM Trainer
  • TTM Planner
  • TMP Approver
  • TTM Auditor
  • Traffic Management Coordinator
  • Corridor Manager.

What’s included in the fee for the workshop 

The following is included in the workshop fee:

  • Waka Kotahi STMS(A)-NP registration fee
  • Morning tea, Lunch and Afternoon tea
  • Workshop resources

There is an additional fee for those requiring the unit standard

About the STMS(A)-NP warrant

The STMS(A)-NP warrant confirms successful completion of the STMS Category A workshop but cannot be used as a practising STMS warrant.

The next step to receiving your practising STMS(A) warrant

For those who need to be practising as an on-site STMS Cat A, there is additional mentoring and a practical assessment completed in a category A road environment.


Waka Kotahi warrants are refreshed every 3 years.

To refresh a STMS Cat A warrant the holder will need to attend a STMS refresher workshop. This renews the non-practising warrant.

The practising STMS Cat A warrant is renewed once the STMS Cat A practical re-assessment has been successfully completed.

The practising warrant will expire on the same date as the non-practising warrant.

STMS Cat A-NP scheduled workshops

No courses scheduled at the moment.