This provides the base knowledge for completing inspection activities in category A and B road environments and on the shoulder of category C road environments.

Topics include:

  • About the Inspector role
  • About TTM and the requirements for inspections
  • About TTM and the requirements for roadside activities
  • Reading the TMP and completing on-site records
  • Risk identification and management
  • Acting as spotter for an inspection activity
  • Briefing of TTM personnel (eg spotters)
  • Emergency procedures
  • Working around an inspection vehicle
  • Safety (no go) zones.

Who should complete the learning block?

Any person wishing to conduct inspection activities and who does not need to hold other TTM warrants.

This may include surveyors, provided their work fits within the range of inspection activities.

Staff who are regularly involved in the installation of TTM which may include inspecting or carrying out non-invasive work, are not eligible for the Inspector warrant and must hold the appropriate TTM warrant.


There is no prerequisite for this learning block.


There is a practising Inspector warrant (Inspector) for this learning block.

Duration and type of learning

The learning consists of a four-hour knowledge workshop delivered by a TTM Trainer. This is combined with on-job coaching.

What to bring

Please wear steel capped footwear; a Hi-viz garment and safety goggles.

Wet weather gear is recommended.

Optional to bring your own vehicle with beacon(s) and ROAD INSPECTION sign for the assessment.


The assessment includes undertaking inspection activities in category A and B road environments. You can bring your own vehicle with beacon(s) and ROAD INSPECTION sign for the assessment.


There is no refresher workshop for this warrant. The holder will be refreshed by a briefing from an STMS for any changes to the CoPTTM that impact the inspector’s work activity.

The holder must successfully complete a practical reassessment every 3 years.

Fee for the workshop

$495.00 per participant (including practising assessment for Inspector warrant).

What’s included in the fee 

The following is included in the workshop fee:

  • Practising assessment for Inspector warrant
  • Waka Kotahi Inspector registration fee
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea
  • Workshop resources.

Practical assessments

Practical assessments are completed on the same day as the Inspector workshop.

Inspector scheduled workshops

No courses scheduled at the moment.