Online Training Evaluation

Our digital products include online training evaluations. Ideal for evaluating and reviewing training programmes and events. Our web based system generates customised surveys to receive respondent ratings and comments, and then automatically collates feedback into attractive and secure web reports. No more paper and sweating over spreadsheets! Clients securely view the results online at any time and place. You will also receive written analysis reports on request, helping you to gain greater value and be more strategic with your investment in training.

The benefits are numerous:

  • Responses are completely confidential. Respondents feel secure in providing honest feedback
  • No more paper evaluations, printing and manual collation of feedback
  • Our system is 100% reliable; response rates average between 80-100%
  • Helps you Identify what worked well and what can improve
  • Provides a robust process for continuous improvement
  • Full analysis reports draw comparisons and include constructive recommendations
  • Stakeholders and Executives receive the information they need to guide them in planning  strategies to achieve improved business results

Interested to view samples: Sample surveys and reports

Consider including evaluation in your business processes – it’s an important part of the development and implementation strategy,

Evaluation forms a key part of the continuous improvement process.

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Evaluation should be part of your strategy to achieve and improve