Learning Assessment

How can you be sure that the time and money you spend on training is worth the investment? Organisations need to be confident that learning and development initiatives are making a difference.

Learning assessment is about finding out what people know and how this compares with what they need to know.

We can assist with:

  •   determining what a person needs to know to be feffective and competent in the role
  •   measuring the gap between actual knowledge and desired
  •   measuring the extent of skills are being applied in the workplace
  •   designing, developing and implementing online assessments to identify learning needs, check for application of learning or foster independent learning.

Evaluation of learning is about finding out whether the methods being used are the most effective, and whether they are delivering real benefits to the organisation. Evaluation can involve a variety of approaches – paper based forms, electronic surveys, person-to-person review. We can assist with all forms of evaluation. Specific information about our web-based surveys is found in Online Training Evaluation

We can assist with:

  •   monitoring the alignment of learning and development to organisational objectives and strategies
  •   determining appropriate measures to evaluate the organisation’s return on investment
  •   identifying whether a major evaluation exercise is worth the investment
  •   finding out what staff really think about the learning and development they receive
  •   identifying non-training related reasons why known skills are not being applied consistently
  •   assessing the impact of learning and development policy on organisational culture, recruitment and retention and staff satisfaction.

We have people who can work with you in any or all of these assessments and evaluation areas. For more information contact us to discuss your requirement.