Training Aspirations’ celebration of 25 Years in business!

1993 – 2018


It’s now 25 years since the inception of Training Aspirations. We’re reaching out to our wider business community to celebrate this significant milestone with us. We’ve got a number of celebratory things happening, something for nearly everyone – WE’RE SHARING

  • Receive a small gift when you go to our training courses. Register to join this celebration.
  • Learn from the variety of stories shared through interviews with friends of Training Aspirations. Personal Interviews can be found in Roundabouts. These are stories from extraordinary people about their journeys in the world of training and their experiences with Training Aspirations:
    • Tony Stella, our Principal Facilitator
    • Tracy Shaw, People and Performance Advisor, Higgins Contractors Ltd
    • Wendi Henderson, Operations Manager, Parks, Sport and Recreation, Wellington City Council
    • Michael Pratap, participant at Training Aspiration’s TC, Refresher and L1 STMS Training
  • Tune in to the audio files of interviews with our friends. These will keep you smiling!
  • New training session! Work Ready TC” – Training Aspirations is soon to launch a practical, hands-on, competency based learning session. It’s our new training event to share our experience, expertise and passion for improving safety through learning and real practice. It’s an experiential module aimed to develop greater confidence and competency in performing the duties of Traffic Controller gained through hands-on experience. Participants will be better equipped to be more work-ready in their role of Traffic Controller. Contact us to enquire further. Or register for Work Ready TC. View our brochure [PDF].