Wendi Henderson

Wendi Henderson


Q-Why is training important to your organisation?

There are many types of roads that come under our jurisdiction. The most important thing for us, is that our workers are safe and compliant with the Codes that apply to the type of road they are working on. With proper training, we benefit from our employees’ skills as we are concerned about Best Practice. Training definitely plays an important role in achieving and maintaining Best Practice. Their enhanced knowledge of Compliance will make them safer, and training will help grow and develop our staff at the same time.

Q-In what ways does training contribute to your employee’s commitment to their jobs?

Training and supplementary qualifications have a 2-fold benefit. For instance, a qualified Arborist will have additional duties around vehicle driving and traffic management. After training in traffic management, they will have another certification that will broaden their overall expertise. They will feel safer and more capable when they understand the extended requirements of their jobs better. We will also gain by having a more qualified staff. It really spans across our whole business.

Q-What advantages does the training give your employees for the future?

A-TC and STMS are qualifications that are quite sought after. Anyone who works on the roads needs a TC Certificate. If our employee has this additional training, they will have opportunities for growth in our organisation, and in many other industries as well. It opens doors and opportunities going forward wherever they go in the future.

Q-Are there any messages you would like to convey to Training Aspirations in honour of their 25th anniversary celebration?

I’ve been working with Training Aspirations for over 15 years, and join in celebrating where they are at today. They got to this 25year anniversary with extraordinary dedication, follow-through, efficiency, and hard work for their clients. Congratulations for reaching this milestone!