Tracy Shaw

Tracy Shaw

Tracy Shaw

Q-Why is training important to your organisation?

Not only is it important, but it is a necessity for us to function. NZTA requires a TC certification for work on all highway traffic management projects. Most of our road work is done on highways, as they are the main connections that people travel on between our local towns. TRAINING ASPIRATIONS is the source for us to keep our employees qualified, and also ensure that they renew their certificates every 3 years.


Q-In what ways does training contribute to your employee’s commitment to their jobs?

Working on the highways can be daunting and potentially dangerous– good training makes workers feel more comfortable and confident in stressful situations. By attending a full day of training, they are well trained. The fact that TRAINING ASPIRATIONS also gives one-on-one training sets them above other training agencies –TRAINING ASPIRATIONS gives a full day of training – with classroom, and onsite roadway practice as well. With that extra attention, TRAINING ASPIRATIONS goes further to encourage participants who may be less educated, or need special care, to succeed in this trade. They go over and above.


Q-What advantages does the training give your employees for the future?

With their good well-rounded courses, TRAINING ASPIRATIONS’ participants are capably trained – they have a recognized certification that they can take with them as they move on.  Other training agencies offer the minimum coursework. TRAINING ASPIRATIONS gives workers a full range of qualifications that they can build on for their own future, and with our company as well.


Q-Are you aware of any TTM training needs that are not being met by NZTA’s current framework of TTM training?

After having taken the Auditor Training with TRAINING ASPIRATIONS, I would hope that NZTA and the Councils would make it a standard practice for their auditors as well. There is a large inconsistency in how auditors approach our job sites. Some are extremely severe, and some are quite lax. TRAINING ASPIRATIONS gives a comprehensive instruction to Auditors on how to make reasonable and realistic, uniform and consistent audits, and also expertise on filling out the Audit forms.


Q-Are there any messages you would like to convey to Training Aspirations in honour of their 25th anniversary celebration?

Congratulations to the whole team at TRAINING ASPIRATIONS. It has been a pleasure partnering with you these 4 1/2 years. I look forward to engaging TRAINING ASPIRATIONS’ high standards and working together for many more years to come.