Step by step guide to renewing your STMS qualification

Step by step guide to renewing your STMS qualification

So what happens to existing warrants?

As a holder of a NZTA Traffic Management warrant, such as Traffic Controller (TC) or Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS), you will be anxious to know what happens to your existing warrant. Or, if you are responsible for co-ordinating this training for your team members, you will definitely need to know what to expect and how to plan their training correctly.

The following is an excerpt from our June 2020 e-newsletter.


  • Existing Traffic Management warrant continues to apply until expiry date (subject to changes made to some roles)

  • Candidate attends refresher workshop

  • Candidate completes the competence assessment for current warrant

    • Just the practical assessment worksite – not the 3x verified verified worksites
    • Can complete assessments for TTM Worker, TC and Universal STMS at the same time (for unit standards)


Waka Kotahi (NZTA) has provided a very helpful roadmap to clarify the process for STMS warranted people to refer to. The STMS roadmap illustrates the key decision points to know about and to guide you with planning L1 STMS Refresher training correctly.

View the road map below. Or download a pdf file here.    step-by-step-guide-renewing-your-stms-warrant-mobile-version portrait[1307829]