Levels of Roads – Category A, B and C

Levels of Roads – Category A, B and C

Once the Waka Kotahi introduces the new TC and STMS training, warrants will be based on categories of road environment.

This is because each road environment deals with a different type of risk and Waka Kotahi needs to make sure that people are able to manage these risks.

Because of these distinctly different road environments and risk profiles, the STMS training, assessments and warrants are based on the following categories of road environment:

  • Category A: Low speed roads (60km/h and less)
  • Category B: High speed two-way two-lane roads (70km/h and more)
  • Category C: High speed multi-lane roads (70km/h and more)

The images below provide the definitions of each of these specific categories. Training Aspirations’ looks forward to facilitating training to achieve the warrants you need. We already have dates scheduled for this training later in the year.