CoPTTM Training Model 2020

CoPTTM Training Model 2020

What can you expect in 2020 with NZTA CoPTTM Training?

NZTA’s presentation to the industry

During May 2019 NZTA gave a series of presentations around New Zealand about the new CoPTTM Training Competency Model. At the presentation we learnt that we will commence delivering revised Level 1 training, TC and STMS Training from early 2020.

The new CoPTTM Training provides learning blocks designed to cater for the variety of roles in the TTM Industry. The learning blocks form an expansive career pathway for New Zealand’s Traffic Management Industry. This new NZTA training model is to provide our customers with a more robust and thorough approach to CoPTTM training. The end results will be:

  • TTM people right across the industry will be better qualified
  • Increased safety for all concerned (TTM crew, road workers and road users).

You can look forward to gaining nationally recognised qualifications. And our objective is to make the road ahead to the NZTA training series, as smooth and as clear as possible. Our team is here to help you confidently select the training you need.


NZTA’s CoPTTM TraIning information 

The table below has been developed by NZTA to present the complete framework of learning blocks and qualifications.

CoPTTM Training Roadshow handout V1.2[889656]

To seek further information, or send your questions  specifically suitable to NZTA, email:

You can also register to receive CoPTTM newsletters emailed by NZTA to the industry. Their “Notify” newsletter will definitely help you with keeping up to date with important CoPTTM Training developments. Use this link to register for “Notify”.


Feel free to contact us at Training Aspirations to discuss your training requirements or to register for training or ask us questions. We would love to help you.

What we love about the new NZTA training and competency model:

  • Offers a wider variety of TTM learning designed specifically to the roles in the TTM industry. See the table below.
  • Tangible learning blocks providing clear stepping stones
  • Practical sessions based on key competencies
  • Coaching and assessment included
  • Offers nationally recognised qualifications gained by unit standards
  • Offers a career pathway to move up and across the Model of Learning
  • Training will include important communication and leadership skills
  • Offers different modes and methods for people to learn such as mentoring, workshops, on-line learning, printed materials and hands-on practical sessions.

What’s new in the model?

Below is an extract of what you can expect with the CoPTTM training and qualifications in the near future.