Answers to Xmas Quiz – December 2017


On 14 December 2017, we sent our customers a Xmas Newsletter. We included a Xmas Quiz with two questions. If you received that email newsletter, we hope you took a moment to think about the Quiz questions. If you want to be certain about the right answers, scroll down to find them below.

  1. Where is the worksite?question 1
    A.    The green box
    B.    From first sign to last sign √
    C.    The yellow space

    Comment: We now consider the worksite to include the entire area from first sign to last sign. The work activity for a static site is now contained within the working space (green area A.) which is surrounded by the closure (yellow area C.)

  2. Is it CoPTTM compliant to double or triple stack cones for purposes of Temporary Traffic Management?
    – Yestraffic cones
    – No √

    Comment: No it is not CoPTTM compliant to double or triple stack cones for use in traffic management. This is partly because of the theory called Fold or Fly. A single cone is much softer and lighter than a double stacked cone. That’s why single cones are more likely to fold on impact with a vehicle. Double or triple stacked cones are more likely to fly on impact with a vehicle . This poses risk to road users and workers.
    ( Reference is C5.2.1 )