Surveys and Reports

Our solution to effectively increase employee engagement levels begins with a short employee engagement survey. It’s amazingly simple and very cost effective:

  •   Web based survey sent to each employee
  •   A dozen or so questions and comments section/s. Completed in literally minutes
  •   Any location and time zone
  •   Responses are completely confidential
  •   Implemented to suit your own timeframes. We suggest twice yearly, or quarterly, or specific times that align with key projects
  •   Web tools professionally customised – you leave the hard work to us
  •   Charts and graphs so easy to understand – you’ll clearly see what’s working well and what is not; viewable by the full organisation AND/OR specific team leaders
  •   Full analysis reports prepared for managers plus specific team reports. Recommendations and tips included
  •   Action Plans are produced with managers involved
  •   Support provided throughout the process
  •   Enquire about cost – you’ll be amazed!!

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