The Engagement Process

Employee Engagement is hard to achieve and if not sustained by leaders, it can wither with relative ease.”

Tim Rutledge, author of Getting Engaged; the New Workplace Loyalty

Employee Engagement v2Organisations using our employee engagement strategy and tools get results – they engage the heads, hearts and hands of their employees!

….. managers take ownership of driving employee engagement in their teams and teams implement the steps needed, collectively and individually, to achieve more positive outcomes. It’s simple and so powerful!

Our solution?  It begins with a short survey, that grows into an Employee Engagement Plan. …… it’s straight forward because at Training Aspirations we look after every aspect of the set up, delivery and implementation.

We customise the web tools and digital system to fit your structure. We provide you with a tailored survey that reaches your employees anywhere on the globe. Graphs and charts presented in real time, are amazingly easy to understand

The approach, when followed, is powerful – productivity rises, commitment grows and you’ll achieve better staff retention levels.

1. Deliver our digital survey to find out how you really stack up

Benchmark your organisation against global standards. Compare your teams’ employee engagement levels. Identify what’s working and what is not. You’ll know how you stack up!  View some samples here: Sample surveys and reports

2. Develop Action Plans – what steps can leaders take

Using survey findings, managers determine key behaviours required, build action plans, where results can be compared.  The outcome is significant – leaders drive their teams to improve and be more productive.

3. Implement coaching and development –  simple measures to unleash people’s potential

A survey alone won’t move your workforce forward .…with increased accountability from leaders, combined with inspired leadership and a culture that has few limits on what people can achieve, you’ll get results.

We’ll move you ahead – help you to embrace the challenge!

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