Employee Engagement

Leaders should actively try to identify the levels of engagement in their organisation, find the reasons behind the lack of full engagement, strive to eliminate those reasons, and implement behavioural strategies that will facilitate full engagement. These efforts should be on-going.

Training Aspirations provides an effective solution that fosters buy-in from all employees and managers.

Our solution?  It begins with a short survey, that grows into an Employee Engagement Plan. And the key part is ….. managers take ownership of growing employee engagement in their teams.

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Our solution is cost effective.  It includes:

  • adaptable web based technology, easily customised
  • easy to understand web reports for all employees
  • Analysis Reports prepared for Executives and Leaders
  • Managers Action Plans, tips and recommendations
  • full support every step of the way

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The Engagement Process

- “Employee Engagement is hard to achieve and if not sustained by leaders, it can wither with relative ease.” Tim Rutledge, author of Getting Engaged; the New Workplace Loyalty Organisations using our employee engagement strategy and tools get results – they engage the heads, hearts and hands of their employees! ….. managers take ownership of driving […]

Surveys and Reports

- Our solution to effectively increase employee engagement levels begins with a short employee engagement survey. It’s amazingly simple and very cost effective:   Web based survey sent to each employee   A dozen or so questions and comments section/s. Completed in literally minutes   Any location and time zone   Responses are completely confidential   […]

Leadership and Engagement

- Behaviour of leaders can ignite or extinguish talent and passion How highly engaged leaders are, and their own accountability for leading by example, have a major bearing on increasing or eroding employee engagement. Central to driving employee engagement, leaders must be fully engaged themselves!                   Employee engagement […]


- e-Library for Leaders We recongnise that Leaders keen to improve employee engagement, will sometimes require additional support to help get the results they need. Achieving successful change usually involves analysis, considered planning,  sometimes thinking outside the square, and most importantly, effective communication. Leaders need not feel unsupported or at a loss for advice – we […]