We are committed to assisting organisations develop their own solutions. We can provide ideas, give feedback and advice, or even work alongside your people. Our aim is to help you develop innovative, practical solutions, which can be implemented and managed by your own team.

Workshops and Venues

- Training Aspirations is able to deliver training, and/or find the training you need to meet any of your organisation’s requirements. We provide a selection of workshops on a frequent and scheduled basis. Also, in-house training at your premises or at a suitable venue is always a pleasure to arrange.  Contact us to discuss your specific […]

Business Needs Analysis

- We want to be sure that any way we assist you… … is consistent with your strategic direction … addresses key business imperatives and … meets specific business needs. If you require help identifying requirements, we can work with you to:   Create practical, achievable operational objectives and implementation strategies from your vision and strategic goals   Identify […]

Competency Frameworks

- Well-constructed frameworks are particularly useful when human resource initiatives are devolved.  They provide the structure and tools non-specialists need to independently and effectively implement people policies, whilst ensuring a consistent organisational approach. Our consulting partners have the expertise to guide you in developing structure around your human resource initiatives in areas such as:   Cataloguing […]

Course Design and Delivery

- Our network means we can link you to specialist instructional designers, workshop developers, facilitators, e-learning designers and on-the job trainers working across a wide range of industries and disciplines. We can find people with the right experience to:   Turn reference materials and operational manuals into well structured training material (for self study, e-learning and […]