Practising Assessment – STMS Cat C

Assessment tasks

There are a range of tasks included in the practising STMS Cat C assessment. Some of these are verified by a TTM Mentor and others are observed by the TTM Assessor.

For the assessment you must complete three road closures for the Category C road environment.

Verified by the TTM Mentor

The TTM Mentor will verify two closures which could include:

  • Shoulder closure
  • Lane diversion
  • Rolling block
  • Chicanes
  • Ramp closure
  • Multi-lane closure

Observed by the TTM Assessor

The TTM Assessor will observe a live lane closure with a lane merge or chicane

Assessment tasks to be completed for each closure

Before leaving the yard

  • Initial check of TMP
  • Carry out vehicle checks
  • Carry out equipment check

Set up the site

  • Check the TMP suits the operation
  • Carry out TTM crew briefing
  • Direct the installation of TTM
  • Ensure equipment is used correctly
  • STMS drive through worksite inspection
  • Complete paperwork

Maintaining the site

  • Carry out visitor inductions
  • Ensure health and safety procedures are followed for safe entry to and exit from the worksite
  • Monitor traffic volumes and queues
  • Monitor pedestrian numbers and special requirements
  • Carry out site checks and self audits
  • Implement contingencies

Removal of TTM

  • Direct removal of TTM
  • Ensure equipment is stowed correctly
  • Complete paperwork


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